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Free deliveries on purchases over €100. Cannot be combined with other campaigns or promotions.
Entregas e Devoluções

Shipping & Tracking

All products purchased in our store will be shipped by GLS or CTT from Monday to Friday to mainland Portugal and the Islands.
Orders will be shipped by the carriers’ cut-off time.

  • CTT Registered: 16:00H
  • CTT Express: 16:00H
  • GLS (Express/Priority): 5:15 PM

Shipping in ideal working conditions is done on time, except in some specific cases it may take up to 2 working days after payment.

1. Make the Purchase and Choose the Shipping Method

2. You Will Receive a Confirmation Email

3. Wait for Your Order to Be Delivered

4. Enjoy and Tell Us How Was Your Experience

Shipping Options

Portugal Continental
GLS Expresso (Compras Acima de 100€) GRÁTIS
CTT Registado 24/48H 2,99€ ***
GLS Expresso 24H 3,51€
GLS Prioritário - 19H 3,95€
Portugal Ilhas
CTT Registado (Compras Acima de 100€) GRÁTIS
CTT Registado 48/72H 2,99€
CTT Expresso 48H 7,15€

*** Temporariamente indisponível.

In cases of return of orders due to unknown, incomplete or wrong addresses, Micro Wire will only re-ship the item to the customer, upon additional payment of the shipping cost of the 2nd order. The shipment and the value of the postage will be calculated according to the current CTT table, for the weight of the item(s) to be sent and according to the means of shipment initially chosen by the customer. If the customer does not accept the payment of the postage of the second shipment, Micro Wire cannot be responsible for the reshipment of the order and will refund the amount paid by the customer.

All invoices or other tax documents will be sent by email.

You should check (and if in poor condition you refuse) the product at the time of delivery, as it may have suffered damage during transport and in that case the responsibility will be of the company responsible for transport.

Exchanges & Returns

Exchanges and returns of products sold at a distance are governed by Decree-Law No. 24/2014, of 14 February. All electronic components such as: LCD/Screens/Displays, Flex, Touch Screen, Lenses, Repair Components, Chips, etc., are exclusive products for specialized shopkeepers. Micro Wire will not admit returns for evident evidence of negligence, mishandling, or use in bad faith.

Return conditions

  • To proceed with the return you must enter your account, go to the order area and choose the desired one, an option “Return Item” will be suggested. In order for the withdrawal period to be respected, it is sufficient that your communication regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal is sent to Micro Wire before the end of the withdrawal period. In case you don’t have an account, leave a paper in the order with the order number, or the purchase invoice.
  • Exchanges/returns of products ordered up to 14 days after the date of receipt of the order will only be accepted, as described in the legislation that regulates this sector. Returned products must be accompanied by the invoice, manuals, accessories and original packaging intact, and any associated offers, as they were sold and sent to the customer. Otherwise, Micro Wire reserves the right not to accept the return.
    You must return the goods properly packaged, with original packaging to the following address:

    Clouds and Roots Unip, Lda
    Aldeamento Mira Villas, Edifício Patio, Loja 11
    3070-743 Praia de Mira

    Write the Return number on a piece of paper or a sticker label and stick it on the outside of the package in a visible way. You should only write: RMA No. {Order/Purchase Number}
    *All packages that do not have the RMA number on the outside will be automatically rejected and returned.

  • The costs of returning the order will always be fully borne by the customer, regardless of their nature or size. If the product to be returned cannot be returned by regular mail, its cost may reach a maximum of €50, depending on the volume and weight of the product to be returned.
  • In the case of reimbursement, this will always be made through the bank transfer modality, and will only be made after Micro Wire verifies the conformity of the condition of the product as well as its packaging, manuals, accessories and warranty seals. Refunds will be processed within a maximum of 10 days.
  • Returns will not be accepted for products whose guarantee/safety seal is torn, cut or violated or products whose consumables are used and their respective packaging opened or other conditions that make it impossible to resell them.
  • If the product to be returned has any offer, it must also be returned in perfect condition and in its original packaging intact, if this is not the case, Micro Wire will deduct the value of the product from the amount to be returned to the customer.
  • Returns will not be accepted for any products (damaged or under warranty) that are sent to our warehouse on delivery.
  • Returns will not be accepted for any products ordered to measure or customized for the customer.
  • Returns or exchanges of items once used will not be accepted. The customer will be held responsible for the depreciation of the good, if the manipulation carried out to inspect the nature, characteristics and operation of this good exceeds the manipulation that is usually allowed in a commercial establishment, in which case it is considered that the good does not meet the conditions for the termination of the contract to be concluded and therefore the return or exchange is not accepted by Micro Wire.
  • Exchanges due to customer dissatisfaction or deception will only be accepted if all the exchange/return conditions are met.

Note: The deadline for reviewing returns may take 14 business days. Return requests can take up to 48 hours to be confirmed.

Items not accepted for Returns/Exchanges*

*Without prejudice to the exercise of recurring consumer goods rights.

• Large household appliances, large televisions with screens with a diagonal equal to or greater than 66cm (26″) as long as they have been opened or the security seals have been violated;

• Hardware (fixed computers, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners), external disks and peripherals (components), computer consumables (ink cartridges/toners), consoles as long as they have been opened or security seals have been violated;

• Mobile phones, smartphones, their batteries and accessories (earphones), GPS and internet and software cards, as long as they have been opened or the security seals have been violated;

• Catalogue, custom-made or customised items;

• LCD, flex, Touch screen, lenses, repair components, chips, etc., which are with open packaging and without the protective film;

• Toiletries or personal care items (e.g. earphones and headphones), regardless of whether they are sealed.

When receiving your order, always check that the box is not dented and the products damaged, if this happens you should reject the order immediately and complain to the CTT transport note. Micro Wire will not be responsible for orders that are accepted under the conditions described above. You have up to 24 hours after receipt to report a problem with the order.


How can I track the shipment of my order?

All our orders have a tracking number so that you can conveniently track the shipping status through the carrier’s website. This tracking number is assigned to the order when it is ready for shipment, and is provided via email.

Once you have the tracking number, just go to the carrier’s page (CTT or GLS) and search and track the progress of your order.

Please note that sometimes the information on the carrier’s website can take a few hours to update.

How can I change or cancel an order?

If you wish to make any changes or cancel your order, please contact us (contacts at the bottom of this page). Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee that your order will be fulfilled, as it will always require manual verification and in order not to compromise our logistics.

If the order has already started the shipping process, it is no longer possible to make changes or even cancel.

What happens if I'm not at home at the time of delivery?
My order has not been delivered. What to do?

The delivery dates available on our website, although they are a prediction, are met most of the time. However, for technical and logistical reasons, both on the part of Micro Wire and the carrier, some delays may arise.

Make sure you have received the shipping confirmation email, in order to ensure that the order has left our warehouse.

If the order has not been delivered on the scheduled day, one of the following situations may occur:

  • New delivery attempt on the next business day, especially in situations where the first delivery did not occur due to logistical inability on the part of the carrier to pass through the address;
  • The order is available for collection at a CTT office close to the delivery address, from the next working day, and applies mainly to small volume orders;
  • The order is returned to Micro Wire.

If the order is returned to our facilities, this information will appear on the tracking number. As soon as we confirm receipt of the package in our warehouse, we will contact you via email, in order to understand if you want to resend the order.

My order is delayed. What to do?

The delivery dates available on our website, although they are a prediction, are met most of the time. However, sometimes, for technical and logistical reasons, both on the part of Micro Wire and the carrier, some delays may arise.

From the moment you receive the order notification with the tracking number, it means that it has been processed by our central warehouse and will be picked up by the carrier on the same day. It may take a few hours for information associated with this tracking number to appear.

If the expected delivery day has passed, we advise you to consult the information available on the tracking number. Sometimes the carrier is not available to stop by that day at the address, but will make the delivery on the next business day and this information appears on the carrier’s website.

We recommend that you contact us if it has already exceeded 2 working days after the expected delivery date and if the tracking number remains unupdated, so that we can analyze the situation and take the necessary steps so that you receive the order as soon as possible.

It is important to note that at times when a large influx of purchases is expected, such as Black Friday and Christmas, these delays may be more frequent, due to the logistical incapacity of the carriers themselves.

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